Jobs Without Borders

In Jobs Without Borders we deliver jobs, onsite and online jobs - Africa and worldwide.

Our organisation is providing jobs from the Casa Feranza and Casa Feranza Africa organisations.

From summer and autumn 2013, we have provided jobs from more then 15 different projects.

From webdesign, article writing, real estate and sale and production of clothes and jewelry to sale of coffee, health care products, production and sale of candy and  production and sale of electric cars etc.
But we are also looking for  volunteers for different projects, like teachers and mentors for a a free online college.

Welcome to Jobs Without Borders 



  • 02.18.2015
    Project Blanco Manager or Agent
    Become Agent under Project Blanco.
    We are looking for Managers and Agents Worldwide. 
  • 10.26.2014
    Bella Terrano Managers and Agents
    For the Bella Terrano project we need Managers and agents. 
    We are "open" for any country. 
    Bella Terrano is female clothing, lingerie, cosmetic, jewelry etc. 
  • 10.26.2014
    F.C. Feranza
    Become member and an active part of F.C. Feranza.

  • 07.29.2014
    Pioneer Agent
    We need Pioneer Agents for our Pioneer Group. 
    You can work full or part time after simple models.
    Start at once. 
  • 07.28.2014
    Take Care Group
    Take Care Group is the social department under the Casa Feranza organization.
    We will need ambassadors and volunteers and will hire people for individual projects. 
  • 07.27.2014
    Zaga Medias
    For the Zaga Medias project we will be needing a line of different people. Writers, web designers, designers, managers etc. 
  • 07.20.2014
    Marbella Care Group (apply now)

    For Marbella Care Group we are looking for MCG Online Partners and online Agents.

  • 06.29.2014
    Hot Doggi (apply now)
    The project "Hot Doggi" will be with production and sale of healthy and good tasting hot dogs sold from "all in one" sales trolleys. Will be planned in all major cities in Nigeria and expanded to other countries in Africa. 
  • 03.06.2014
    Casa Solverde (Apply now)
    We need Partners and Agents for sale of Casa Solverde solar energy systems basically in all cities in Africa with more than 200.000 people.  
    Focus is solar energy kits for private homes. 
  • 12.25.2013
    Area Managers for Team Feranza
    The Team Feranza structure will set up in cities across Africa with more than 400.000 people. 
    The structure will be a "community structure" - developed in in more levels.
  • 12.25.2013
    Father Candy
    Now looking for partners in all cities in Nigeria with more than 50.000 people. 
  • 12.25.2013
    MyHostbuddy is a IT and webdesign project offering our customer webdesign, domain and hosting service etc.

    We need Area Managers, agents and web designers across Africa.
  • 12.24.2013
    Project "Sierre Blanca"
    Headquarters will be established in Lagos.
    Full organization will be needed.
  • 12.24.2013
    College Zagaleta
    Teachers and volunteers for our online college program.

    The project will later be developed also to include onsite college program for kids and young people in mainly West and East Africa. Later in all Africa.
  • 12.24.2013
    Sano Ice
    We will need people for ice production and sale.
    Will be established from Lagos, Nigeria
  • 12.24.2013
    Finca Feranza
    Farming projects across Africa.
  • 12.24.2013
    Feranza Kidz
    Feranza Kidz is a setup under Take Care Group with special focus on doing "extra" for kids.

  • 12.02.2013
    Organisation for Zitti Cars, Lagos
    We need a full organization in Lagos, Nigeria for the electric car project - Zitti Cars.
    Management, electricians, logistics workers etc.

    Also agent across Africa. 
  • 12.01.2013
    Blanco Nobel
    We need Country Managers and Agents for the Blanco Nobel project. 

  • 11.17.2013
    Bionic Stove
    Our Bionic Stove project will be established as an African project with focus on export to Eruope and USA.

  • Casa Feranza entrepreneur program
    If you are a young entrepreneur with a good idea but need a partner to "make it happen" then you are welcome to send us a mail with a short description.

    We will offer our partner program to young people with the right will and the right idea. 

    Our partner program will be

    1. Financial support.
    2. Know how
    3. Support from our organization.
    4. Etc. 

    If you already have a

    - Company.
    - Farm
    - Project
    - Etc

    but need a partner for coming to "next level" - you are also welcome to contact us.

    Please send us a mail with a short description to info@casaferanza.com