Become Chief Partner for Zagaleti

We are now inviting few people to become Chief Partner in Zagaleti.

1) What you get as Chief Partner for Zagaleti
As Chief Partner in Zagaleti you will have this:

1. A Zagaleti Tablet model J7 - A tablet with build in 3 G
2. 5000 SMS send for you to have at least 10 Partners and 100 Agents under you.
3. Official mail
4. You can have an unlimited number of Partners and Agents selling for you.
5. After 2-3 months a Casa Feranza Mastercard.
6. By following a precise plan you will be offered a company car after 4 month. 

2) You can have an attractive, stable and instant income
Your income will be with "no limit"

1. You will have $ 30 Dollars for each Partner you start - this is the Partner description

2. All Chief Partners can have at least 100 Partners and Agents selling for them after 1 month.
    Some Chief Partners will have much more connected.
     As Chief Partner you will have $ 7 for EACH sale made of these 100.

We have seen a high interest for these products and you can expect an instant, attractive and stable income as Chief Partner. 

ALL partners can reach an income level of 
$ 2.500 - 4.000 - a month
3) Your cost
Your total cost for starting up as Chief Partner will be
$ 281.

The price includes direct delivery to your address of 1 Zagaleti Tablet J7 3 G.


If you are interested in becoming Chief Partner on these terms - please fill out the form and we will contact you.